Ayra Starr – 19 & Dangerous Album

Ayra Starr – 19 & Dangerous Album zip mp3 download full datafilehost 2021

Ayra Starr – 19 & Dangerous Album zip mp3 Download free 2021

Finally the wait has come to an end as fast rising singer and songwriter Ayra Starr who have been considered as one of the best upcoming female artist is here today as she drops her long awaited 2021 studio LP project titled 19 & Dangerous Album. Cop below and enjoy.

“19 & Dangerous Album” will serve as the first project from the songstress as she strives to become the best in the industry. The project have also been considered as one of the best project this year. It features about 11 tracks in all and featuring other top notch music artists like Fousheé and Ckay as they all strives to make a new history. So without added ado, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

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Ayra Starr is the newest signing to Mavin Records, Africa’s leading record label – founded by Don Jazzy, who launched the careers of Tiwa Savage, Rema and D’Banj. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter and dancer was born in Benin and grew up between there and Lagos, raised on a diverse musical diet of artists ranging from Angelique Kidjo, 2Face, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Shakira.

Since debuting in January, Ayra Starr has amassed over 23 million global streams. Her self-titled debut EP was led by the single ‘Away’ which to date has clocked over 3.8 million views on YouTube. The video was noted for evoking the imagery of Joan of Arc and the Dahomey Amazons and sharp choreography recalling R&B icons Aaliyahand Ciara. The single was featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Africa 360 playlist and championed by Manny Norte who was first to spin it on UK radio via Capital Xtra. Jessie Reyez, Ray BLK and Love Island’s Yewande Biala are also fans.

On the day of the EP’s release, Ayra simultaneously hit No.1 on Apple Music Nigeria’s Song, Album and Video charts. The incredible buzz coming out of Lagos saw her chosen by Apple Music as their Africa Rising artist – an exclusive new talent development programme that previously earmarked Temsand Amaarae.

Her music has since been covered and praised by the likes of The Face, COLORS, Music Week, The Native Mag, NOTION, HYPEBAE, CLASH, The Daily Star, The Line Of Best Fit, PAUSE Online, 1883 Magazine, Schon Magazine, OkayAfrica, ThatGrapeJuice, No Signal Radio and many others.

2021 is already shaping up to be a massive year for the 19-year old Beninese-Nigerian singer-songwriter. Since debuting in January, Ayra Starr has amassed over 23 million global streams, powered by her debut self-titled EP and the single ‘Away’, which has racked up over 3.8 million YouTube views. The incredible buzz coming out of Lagos saw Ayra championed as Apple Music’s Africa Rising artist – an exclusive new talent development programme that previously earmarked artists like Tems and Amaarae.

Brimming with a spirit that is audacious and defiant yet vulnerable, “19 & Dangerous” is an apt title for this new chapter in Ayra’s blossoming career. Comprised of 11 unapologetic tracks all written or co-written by Ayra herself, the album is a coming-of-age record seamlessly weaving Afro-pop, R&B, dancehall, trap and alté styles. Perfectly tailor-made to soundtrack your summer.

Highlights include the lead single ‘Bloody Samaritan’, a rhythmic-dance anthem bristling with self- confidence as the 19-year old boasts, “I see you watching my stories, I see you gauging my lifestyle, I see you watching my movement, this bad bitch bad every day.”

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Inspired by the juggernaut Netflix series, ‘Bridgertn’ is a bouncy R&B number dressed with whimsical orchestral strings that underpin Ayra’s strong feminist lyrics: “I’m the queen, bow down… Broke all the stereotypes, I make my rules, I break all your rules.”

A coming-of-age album fit for a socially-conscious Gen Z, “19 & Dangerous” also unflinchingly tackles themes of feminism, drug abuse and sexual consent – particularly highlighted on the meditative, soulful ballads ‘Toxic’ and ‘In Between’. Here Ayra flexes her vocal dexterity and songwriting prowess, singing on ‘Toxic’: “Why did you give me the drugs that it took? Why did you force me to take it?… I’m sorry that I loved somebody that will hurt me.” The deeply personal track is one of the earliest songs Ayra wrote and posted on her social media before she was discovered.

Elsewhere, fans of Ayra’s first EP will not be left disappointed with the surplus of West African-flavoured rhythmic jams such as ‘Fashion Killa’, ‘Beggie Beggie’ (feat. CKay) and ‘Lonely.’

Tracklist Of 19 & Dangerous Album:

1. Ayra Starr – Cast (Gen Z Anthem)

2. Ayra Starr – Fashion Killer

3. Ayra Starr – Lonely

4. Ayra Starr – Snitch ft. Fousheé

5. Ayra Starr – Toxic

6. Ayra Starr – In Between

7. Ayra Starr – Beggie Beggie ft. Ckay

8. Ayra Starr – Karma

9. Ayra Starr – Bloody Samaritan

10. Ayra Starr – Bridgertn

11. Ayra Starr – Amin

After an impressive, self-titled 2021 EP that placed her among the vanguard of rising Nigerian pop stars, Ayra Starr delivers her official debut album. Exploring relationships, betrayal and self-assurance on 19 & Dangerous, the artist chronicles the transition from adolescence to adulthood. “One day, it just struck me that I’m not scared of failing, I’m not scared of mistakes—I’m ready to work hard to get to where I want to,” she tells Apple Music. “No matter how much I fall, I’m prepared for it. When you know that you’re not scared of mistakes, you become dangerous, because you have nothing to lose, really. I’m 19 and I’m dangerous. I’m ready for everything.”

Throughout 19 & Dangerous, Starr remains bold and unapologetic, whether exhibiting her grandeur in banging earworms or acknowledging her vulnerabilities in heartfelt ballads. She showcases her vocal and emotional range as the project’s mood shifts from sunny to gloomy when her lyrics dictate. Ranging from R&B to pop, soul and Afropop, the album features production by London, Kel-P Vibes and Don Jazzy while Ayra and her brother, Dami Aderibigbe (aka Milar), penned most of the songs. Here, she takes us through her coming-of-age story, track by track.

“Cast (Gen Z Anthem)”
“In Nigeria, when we say somebody is ‘cast’, it’s like, ‘Everybody knows her. She’s been around.’ So, I always get a lot of advice: ‘Ayra, don’t go and cast.’ Even with the smallest thing, a woman has to be a hundred times more careful than a guy. She can’t go to this place; she can’t do that because she doesn’t want to cast. The smallest thing can ruin a woman’s reputation. But I’ve come to this industry to break boundaries. So, if I cast, let me cast. In the beginning of the song, I used an Eartha Kitt interview, one of my favourite interviews of all time. She said, ‘Life is not problematic. We make it problematic.’”

“Fashion Killer”
“I wrote this song with my brother. We are fashion-obsessed. My brother is an A$AP Rocky fan, I’m a Rihanna fan, so we grew up with a lot of fashion. ‘Fashion Killa’ by A$AP Rocky, we loved that song. So, when London sent us the beat, we wanted something hard, something people would feel themselves, too. I could just see people on the runway to this beat.”

“‘Lonely’ is a sweet love song. The album has different moods: You have the badass, ‘Cast’, then you have the vulnerability—that’s where ‘Lonely’ comes in. ‘Lonely’ is me telling a guy, ‘If you don’t like me back, remember that I’m only human. Watch the way you talk to me and all that. Let’s vibe and all that.’ So, ‘Lonely’ is like a lost-love heartbreak song.”

“Snitch” (feat. Fousheé)
“‘Snitch’ features one of my favourite artists, Fousheé. I love her with all my heart. She’s such an amazing musician. The whole song was a freestyle. She had sent me a DM that she thinks I’m dope. Just imagine me seeing a DM from one of my favourite artists of all time. I was like, ‘I have this song that I really want you on.’ I shot my shot and she was down with it, so that was great.”

“I wrote the song with my brother and posted it in December 2019. Don Jazzy saw it and he was like, ‘Come to the studio and let me see what you can do.’ I recorded it in studio properly in January 2020. The song is about genuine heartbreak, the type of love that breaks you. When you become obsessed with someone but don’t know how obsessed you are until the person leaves you and you can’t function without this person. Growing up, I moved from one place to another, [and] I experienced that, leaving friends behind and all that. I also watched a lot of people’s experiences. I put that pain into the music.”

“In Between”
“I wrote ‘In Between’ in my sleep. I was depressed and I remember I was singing it in my head. I was like, ‘Two feet and I’m under/I feel my body.’ It was around 3 am. I got up and I took my phone and I recorded the whole thing from the beginning to the end, without a beat. I was just pouring my emotions out. I went to the studio the next day, and London and I made a beat to the song.”

“Beggie Beggie” (feat. Ckay)
“‘Beggie Beggie’ is almost like ‘Lonely’. It’s almost the same topic. The chorus means, ‘See the way I’m begging you. Do I look like those people on the streets begging for money? You’re making me feel like I’m one of those people because of the way I’m begging you. And I know you are a fine guy and all the girls like you, but I’m also a badass—some other guys like me. So, don’t use me.’ It’s a from-friends-to-lovers type of story. And I remember when I was in the studio recording it. I was like, ‘I want, like, a male POV on this story.’”

“My brother and I wrote this song in 2018 when we were still in school. This was one of the first songs we finished writing. Just thinking about it now, back then, we didn’t know that this was going to be our life. We didn’t even know we were going to record it one day. It was just something we did for fun. My brother wrote the first verse, I wrote the second one. We would imagine that he featured me on the song. We would write the whole music video treatments. Then, when Don Jazzy signed me, the first day in the studio, I started to record ‘Karma’ and I was like, this song is such an amazing song. It’s my love story with karma. Karma is such a good lover, because I didn’t ask him to do the revenge—he did it for me.”

“Bloody Samaritan”
“I’m used to very slow beats and all that. I’m just singing my heart out. But when it comes to ‘Bloody Samaritan’, it was a whole different case. I had this beat for six months and I kept begging the producer, ‘London, please don’t give it to anybody. I’m sure I can do this. I’m sure I can work on this beat.’ We know the story of the good Samaritan. Bloody Samaritan is the opposite—people that pretend to be good Samaritans, but they’re hypocrites, people that judge you and criticise you. So, it’s like, you can’t kill my vibe. I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m dangerous. Nobody should come to me with bad energy.”

“‘Bridgertn’ was inspired by the series Bridgerton. Seeing a Black queen ruling and all that, we didn’t get to see that growing up. As a teenager now, watching that and how I even put it in a song, I can just imagine how confident I would have been if I’d seen it when I was younger.

“‘Amin’ means ‘amen’ in Islam, and also in Yoruba, which is one of the native tongues in Nigeria. I wrote this song last year before I ever knew what it meant. It was just something I wrote and just recorded. But now, listening to the song, it speaks so much to me. It’s just like, ‘Don’t let the fame take you away. Just always pray for what you want.’ It’s also like my future self is speaking to me in the verse. It’s like, ‘Do you really want it all? Say you have it all. Say you have all the things you want. Do you really need it?’ Because I remember when I was younger, wanting and that. Then, growing up, you realise life is not about that. Life is not about these materialistic things. It’s just about love and just who you love.”

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