Zoocci Coke Dope – Overture+ (Plus)

Zoocci Coke Dope – Overture+ (Plus) mp3 download free lyrics

Zoocci Coke Dope – Overture+ (Plus) mp3 Download free

Finally the wait is over as high talented rapper and record producer Zoocci Coke Dope who have been hitting up the industry returns with his highly anticipated 2022 song titled Overture+ (Plus) where he delivered the full lyrics. Download below and enjoy.

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“Overture+ (Plus)” have been on the wishlist of many music lovers for many weeks now since the track was announced by the award winning rapper. The track was lifted off his just released 2022 mini album project titled “ANXIETY+ (Plus) EP” which will house about 7 tracks in all and featuring other top artists in the country. So without further delay, update your playlist and share your thoughts below.

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Zoocci Coke Dope – Overture+ (Plus) Lyrics:

Welcome everyone, it’s great to have you back. You’re taking steps to find yourself
Remember this is a safe place, there’s no judgement. You are accepted right where you’re at and wherever that leads to find your own peace and happiness
Feel free to express yourself to release your anxiety. I want you to be able to walk out with inner strеngth to finally be free

Most anxiety problems rеally are situational and there’s not even alot of genetic influence there’s some genetic influence
But really most people just acquire these problems over the course of their lifetime
Sometimes even when their very young and.. uh and then it doesn’t go away
Anxiety is one of the things that actually if you don’t do anything about it, It usually doesn’t go away on it’s own

[Verse 1: Zoocci Coke Dope]
Lately I been out here actin’ crazy, I don’t like the person I’ve become (No)
I hope you know that this is what you made me, promise me that you would never run (Never run)
Never leave and tell me that you’re done
I’m the opposite of having fun
So much on my mind it weigh a ton (Ton, ton)
Schizo’ ni**as with a loaded gun
Energy, energy
I know you are not who you pretend to be
Promise when I’m gone that you’ll remember me
I was told to never trust an enemy
Watchin’ all your love turn to jealousy
If you ever play with me I’ll catch a felony
Even if they show you love they’re not family
When you say you’re fine you should really be
I risked it all and I took the fall and now I just pour my remedy
I don’t recall a time I was wrong, when they wanna talk I say “Let me see”
They’re all just frauds
I don’t take their calls, I don’t wanna talk to celebrities
(I been working on a better me)
I been working on a better me
(Protecting all my energy)

[Chorus: Zoocci Coke Dope]
How many times I found myself and lost myself it’s drainin’ me
How many times I’ve sacrificed myself meanwhile you betrayin’ me
This is your rise or fall
Are you gon’ rise or fall?
This is your rise or fall
Are you gon’ rise or fall?

We know things are bad, worse than bad
They’re crazy, it’s like everything, everywhere is going crazy
It’s that we don’t go out anymore
We sit in the house and slowly the world we living in is getting smaller
And all we say is “just leave us alone”
Well I’m not gonna leave you alone
I want you to get mad
First you got to get mad
You got to say “I’m a human being, Goddammit! My life has value”

[Verse 2: Zoocci Coke Dope]
I don’t think I made it out the war
I am not alive no more (Nah!)
I’m looking up and laying on the floor
Certain things you really can’t ignore
I don’t like to push and I don’t like to force
But lately I been fallin’ off my high horse
Makin’ bad decisions ‘coz I’m high of course
Runnin’ out of love and feeling no remorse
I was lookin’ sunny why you rain on me
I bet you couldn’t tell me why you changed on me
I was always fine when I remained lonely
I always saw the signs but I remained low key
This time I’m done, I mean it this time
This time I’m right, I feel it this time

I spy with my little eye, a bunch of ni**as that really love to lie
I spy with my little eye, a bunch of ni**as that really love to lie
I spy with my little eye, a bunch of ni**as that really love to lie
I spy with my little eye, a bunch of ni**as that really love to lie

[Verse 3: Zoocci Coke Dope]
Lately I been blackin’ like my melanin
And the weed and lean has had to be my medicine (Go go go go)
I know that I’m the greatest I’m not panicking’
I been doing fine but now I’m mad again
ZooLoo way too fly, you like a pelican
I press a button make them ni**as freeze up like a mannequin
The way you walk the sky’s like you Anakin
And they’re supposed to hate when you’re the dopest and it’s evident
I kill them with no evidence
I’m in my element
You boys are so irrelevant
They know my skill is eminent
Speak so eloquent, my mood is not benevolent
You don’t have intelligence, your music sound like negligence
Bi*ch don’t ever talk, I like Mr Bean bi*ches
Homie pullin’ up I told him “Bring bi*ches”
We don’t ever call, don’t ever ring bi*ches
I don’t like no friendly, I like mean bi*ches

And you know the most panicking part of it you can take your anxiety along
And do what matters to you with your anxiety
That may mean
Yes sometimes you have to take it along for the ride as we say
But if you do that
Overtime you will actually see that your anxiety changes too
But the most important thing is to give up control
Controlling your anxiety and struggling with it
Oh actually so your actually letting go in a way
I’ve tried so many things and everything, nothing, I..
And the-the.. answer is not to win this tug of war because it’s unwinnable
The answer is letting go dropping the rope with your anxiety
So that you can live the life you wanna live
I’m good, thank you

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