L-Tido – Telling Me Yes ft. AKA

L-Tido – Telling Me Yes ft. AKA mp3 download free lyrics

L-Tido – Telling Me Yes ft. AKA mp3 Download free

Just when we thought we had seen it all, top notch music artist and performers L-Tido who have been making lots of headlines lately is here today with a new 2021 song titled Telling Me Yes where he featured AKA alongside it’s lyrics. Download below and enjoy.

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“Telling Me Yes” have been on high demand for many weeks now since the track’s snippet was revealed by the rap mogul, and since then fans have been so keen to get the full track. The track was lifted from the just released mini album project titled “Pressure EP” which housed 4 tracks in all and featuring other top artists in the country. So without further delay, update your playlist and share your thoughts below.

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L-Tido – Telling Me Yes ft. AKA Lyrics:

[Chorus: AKA]

[Verse 1: AKA]
I couldn’t even breathe when I pulled up in the parking
Everybody was on me, mamis lookin’ like zombies
760 was creepin’, please don’t touch my belongings
Homie don’t run up on me, askin’ when we recordin’
Take the elevator to the kitchen
I’m so anti-social, keep your distance (Huh)
I done crossed off fifty bad bitch on my hitlist
‘Cause I’m the realest ni**a in existence
I swear on my life and the Lord is my witness
Flows over hoes, I’m the best in the business
Can’t lose my control, I’m tryna be a good Christian
But I’m rockin’ Dior, and Twitter is a crucifixion (Woo)
This a shot to your system, shot for your sister
Every ten bucks make me richer
Add it all up, now we all drunk
Who are you to judge my position?
I look in the mirror…

[Chorus: AKA]

[Verse 2: L-Tido]
(Look, ayy)
As we continue with the saga
It’s 16V bitch, did I s-s-s-stutter? (Huh)
May compare to lames, that an easy bet
It’s like a BMX tryna verse a CLS
You pull up on a thot, they denied request
I pull up on a thot, then it’s Y-E-S (Yes)
I’m from surrounding sec, cause some kinda deep stress
But still livin like some ni**a with no regrets
Struggle is temporary, hustle is necessary
Don’t talk to me ’bout beef unless it’s culinary
Gomora’s Eazy-E
She see the G in me
My heart colder than beach water in CPT
My ni**a, you’re a nasty dude
Me I’m stackin’ tall racks like Nasty do
I’m from the bottom, where were you when I was reachin’ out?
Could never walk in my shoes, these kicks ain’t even out

[Chorus: AKA]

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