A-Reece – Bruce Wayne

A-Reece - Bruce Wayne mp3 download free lyrics

A-Reece – Bruce Wayne mp3 Download free

Revenge Club Records award winning rapper and performer A-Reece who have been considered as one of the best in the country is here today as he returns with his long awaited 2023 song titled Bruce Wayne who nailed the full lyrics. Download below and enjoy.

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“Bruce Wayne” will serve as the song of the year to many yanos heads as the track have been doing many numbers since it was performed on one of his gigs. Today he decides to come through with the full song. The song was curved out off his upcoming mini album project titled “P2 (Paradise 2) Album: The Big Hearted Bad Guy” which housed about 19 tracks in all and featuring other top artists in the country.

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A-Reece – Bruce Wayne Download MP3 full Song

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I’m in a Bruce Wayne type whip smokin’ on Gelato
Cryptic messages floatin’ in the bottle
Woke up, where we at?
How the fuck should I know?
Two joints later all I heard was obrigado (Yeah)

You should thank me (You should thank me)
You should thank me (You should thank me)
You should thank me (You should thank me)
You should thank me (You should thank me)
You should thank me (You should thank me)
You should-

Still touchin’ raw like Taho
Niggas say they street but don’t account for the potholes
It was all bad, niggas ran
Where did I go?
Niggas couldn’t rap so they fled to the Yanos (Whoa)
How the fuck should I know?
I was busy keepin’ it alive out in Lagos
Niggas switchin’ sides to survive, that’s what I know
Niggas know the vibe when I rhyme with bravado
Niggas say they love it only when they dab, that’s a hypocrite
Disrespect the culture for some clout and some dividends
I ain’t sayin’ never change your sound, just don’t be dissin’ this
Bet you comin’ back this time around just ’cause you need some hits
Fuck it, who knows what the reason is
All I know is that this time around I’m with the syndicate
All I know is that this time around we causin’ dissonance
I just had to let y’all niggas know that we up in this bitch

[Outro: Zephbeatz]
Yo Reece, it’s Zeph
Yo man I’ve been bumping this album man, it’s amazing, it’s incredible bro
But I’m tired of these raps, man
I’m really tired of these raps
Bars, bars, bars
Rappity raps, rappity raps
Come on man, you gotta give me somethin’ for the ladies man
When last you give me somethin ‘for-, give me somethin’ for the huns bro
Man I need something I can dance with my girl with
Come on boy, give me something for the ladies

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