4 hacks to use to get your Instagram profile to the top of popularity in a month

4 hacks to use to get your Instagram profile to the top of popularity in a month

4 hacks to use to get your Instagram profile to the top of popularity in a month

In 2022 with over 1000 posts uploaded to Instagram every second and over 500 million stories, this platform offers the greatest possibilities to come and find an audience for whatever you’re willing to post about. It seems like an impossible thing to do in current conditions, when there are thousands and millions of talented content creators running their blogs out there, but it is actually quite doable – all you need to do is know several hacks to use to get your Instagram profile to the top of popularity as soon as possible.

In this text we will talk about 4 of those hacks, the ones that work the best, and will give you a strategy to use and become known in a month or so. We will talk about a possibility to buy Instagram followers to give your page a booster, about a hash tagging system, about PR from bloggers and how you can make it very cheap, and about the rules of targeted ad that will work and bring you a specific audience on IG.

How hashtags work

You probably know about them – these are the tags that people use to describe their posts and attract some attention to them from the people who don’t already follow them. This is true, but actually in 2022 you can attract way more subscribers to your page than you could before, because users have finally understood that it works just like Google’s system. If you’d collect and use tags correctly, you’d be able to get hundreds of new followers (and clients, if you’re running a business page) just because you’ve added them to your posts.

The main rule is: don’t chase the quantity, chase the quality. You don’t need 30 tags under one post, that’s too much and will create a bad impression on your already existing audience and people who will visit the page randomly. Stop by 5 to 10 tags, and collect them thoughtfully, try to use the mindset of your clients – what words would they use to search for your product and service? Try to make them as specific as possible, as precise as possible. This is the key to success here.

Why bought subs are great

When you begin to develop your page, you have a very little chance to get the subs from PR or target, because your page is half-empty. This is why it is going to be best to buy real Instagram followers first – these will create a base on your page, the visibility of success and wantedness. After your profile is loaded with subs, you can proceed to buying PR from bloggers (you can make it free if you’d contact smaller bloggers and offer them mutual PR, as you have a base of subs now) and launch the targeted ad. But don’t mess the order – in this case you won’t be able to get nearly as good results than if you’d do things right.

So, obviously, key to success in promoting a page in the right order – targeted ads should stay at the very end, as it is going to bring to you a specific audience that is highly interested in your content, and they should see that there is a professional, successful blogger right behind them.

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